Water access critical to limit COVID-19 spread of among children

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Water access critical to limit COVID-19 spread of among children


More than two billion children predicted to be affected

According to the UN Human Rights Council, more than two billion children will be dying from COVID-19 for the lack of clean water. Clean water is critical to limit the COVID-19 spread of among children. Unfortunately, poor , refugees, displaced peoples  in developing nations have have difficults of accessing to clean drinkng water. The opinion of 10 independent experts appointed by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva have reached to a similar conclusion.

According to the opinions of independent experts, measures to prevent in informal settlements can be a little difficult to achieve. Orpe Human Rights Advocates is at hard working with its partners in Angola, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia to set up hand washing stations to help fight . These wash stations are set up at the one stop resource centre there.

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“People living in informal settlements, those who are homeless, rural populations, women, children, older persons, people with disabilities, migrants, refugees and all other groups vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic need to have continuous access to sufficient and affordable water”. Only this will allow them to comply with the recommendations of health institutions to keep strict hygiene measures”.


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